Former Biden Official Given Key Primetime Slot on MSNBC Ahead of 2024 Elections

MSNBC’s cult of far-left viewers will probably be delighted to see former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is joining the network’s lineup on Mondays beginning later this month.

The network announced on Thursday the former mouthpiece for the inept Biden administration will take up the 8 p.m. ET of its programming on Mondays beginning later this month, Variety reported.

Psaki will take one night from MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who has been giving up Mondays to a rotating cast of far-left hosts recently anyway.

At least Nicolle Wallace will no longer be the most abrasive person on the network.

Psaki hasn’t announced what her show in primetime will look like. Perhaps she will circle back to the world on that at some point before she debuts on Sept. 25.

We can assume it will be just as dull and misleading as Sunday’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” but just a day later and in the evening as opposed to in the morning.

The Sunday show will continue to air while Hayes will host his show from Tuesday to Friday.

It’s worth noting that Psaki’s presence during primetime appears to be a sign MSNBC is going all-in on getting her former



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