Food Supply Secretly Flooded with mRNA & DNA Contamination

Experts are now raising the alarm after discovering that the food supply has been secretly flooded with mRNA and DNA contamination from vaccines.

COVID injections from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are supposedly made with mRNA.

The public was led to believe that mRNA stands for messenger RNA

However, it has since come out that mRNA shots do not actually contain mRNA, but rather contain laboratory-made “modified” RNA and / or DNA particles that are stronger than mRNA and survive the digestion process.

These RNA and DNA jabs, as they are more accurately called, are being administered both to people and animals in the modern age.

And the RNA and DNA residues that end up making their way into the foods that people eat is perhaps more serious of a threat to public health than anything else currently in circulation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a “DNA vaccines” information page on its website that explains in further detail how these injections work.

One noteworthy passage reads as follows:

“The field of DNA vaccination is developing rapidly. Vaccines currently being developed use not only DNA, but also include adjuncts that assist DNA to enter cells, target it towards specific cells, or



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