First American Hostage Released by Hamas is Tied to Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Art Peddling

An American is finally coming home after being captured by the ruthless terrorist group Hamas.

It turns out, there are only a few degrees separation between the released prisoner and the Biden administration.

According to reports, the great-aunt of the youngest American prisoner rescued by Hamas is tied to the controversial art deals of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son.

Ms. Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, the great-aunt in question, is said to have bought paintings from Hunter Biden before being named to the United States Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad by Joe Biden.

According to the Real Deal, “the biggest portion of Hunter Biden’s art sales went to a mystery buyer of 11 artworks for $875,000.”

“Among Hunter Biden’s art buyers is Kevin Morris, a wealthy lawyer who reportedly lent him $2 million to pay off back taxes, Business Insider reported,” the publication added. “It’s not known whether Morris was the top buyer in the most recent sale.”

The relationship between Naftali and the Biden administration was reported on X by Real Clear Investigations’ Benjamin Weingarten, raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and nepotism inside the Biden administration.

The swap of hostages for jihadists is



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