Fire Department's Marxist DEI Training Halted after White Firefighters Told They Cause 'Racial Harm' – EVOL

A county in Washington State has been forced to halt its Marxist “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) training program after white firefighters and medics were told that they are causing “racial harm” because of their race.

The DEI program was suspended on Tuesday following a widespread backlash from employees, according to a report.

“Critics, including several King County firefighters, challenged the training’s political undertones and its potential infringement on personal beliefs, particularly regarding gender identity,” radio host Jason Rantz revealed in a report.

“The training’s failure could jeopardize participants’ EMT certifications, demanding acknowledgment of endless genders and an inherent racial bias among White staff.”

The report detailed instructions in the DEI training for white firefighters and medics to check their racist tendencies.

“The training, titled ‘Stronger Together: An introduction to anti-racism and gender inclusion,’ aimed to instill empathy, awareness, and dignity in patient care, yet its execution ignited pushback,” Rantz reported.

“It suggested white staff members inherently harbored ‘racist or sexist views’ and had caused ‘racial harm at some point.’

“They were even told that they ‘cannot be not racist‘.”

A video of the training described the practice of “anti-racism” as popularized by Marxism activist and critical race theory (CRT)



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