Feisty Giuliani Wants to Be House Lead Counsel on Biden Impeachment – ‘Let Me Question Them’

The man who famously prosecuted the heads of the “five families” who controlled New York’s most powerful organized crime operations now wants to take on a new target — President Joe Biden.

Former New York City mayor, U.S. attorney, and presidential adviser Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon on his “War Room” podcast Tuesday that he was willing to question the witnesses in the House’s impeachment inquiry into allegations of Biden family corruption.

Giuliani, whose New York law license was suspended for statements he made regarding the 2020 election and whose license to practice in D.C. is in danger of permanent revocation, was answering Bannon’s question about whether he would be willing to assist the House investigation.

“Are you prepared to be an adviser to either [House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James] Comer or, it looks like Judiciary is going to handle this, so [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Jim Jordan, would you be an adviser?” Bannon asked.

“I’m prepared to be an adviser,” Giuliani answered first, but then he went significantly further.

“I’m prepared to do the questioning, if they’ve got the guts for it,” he said.

“I mean, they’re wonderful guys,” he said, apparently referring to House Reps. Comer



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