Federal Judge: Zero Evidence Hunter Biden Charges Are Politically Motivated – EVOL

A federal judge has ruled that there is no evidence to suggest that the tax fraud charges against Democrat President Joe Biden’s son Hunter are politically motivated.

U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi made the ruling during a Wednesday hearing on the federal tax charges against Hunter Biden.

Scarsi noted the lack of facts connecting the charges with efforts by congressional Republicans to probe the murky depths of the Biden family’s finances.

Democrats and their allies have claimed that the charges against Hunter have been fabricated to satisfy Republicans investigating the Bidens and allies of President Donald Trump.

Although Scarsi did not make a decision, he signaled in the Los Angeles hearing that defense arguments that President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) was doing Trump’s bidding were not persuasive, according to CNN.

Scarsi, who is dealing with nine motions from Hunter Biden’s attorneys, said he would issue a ruling by April 17, according to The Washington Post.

One motion claiming “selective and vindictive” prosecution appeared to irk the judge.

“One of the big hurdles that this motion has is that it’s not filed with any evidence,” Scarsi said.

The judge said the facts will win the day, not the politics surrounding



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