Federal Judge Orders Trump, Jack Smith to File New Redactions in Documents Case – EVOL

It came after the judge postponed the trial indefinitely.

The federal judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case has ordered President Trump’s lawyers and special prosecutor Jack Smith’s team to prepare for the public release of materials.

The order on May 9 is the first major one that Judge Aileen Cannon has made since she issued a ruling last week postponing the trial date indefinitely to deal with classified evidence issues.

But she ordered President Trump on May 9 to comply with a May 16 deadline to “submit under seal … his current position on the sealing of his two undocketed motions, the associated responses and replies, and all accompanying exhibits,” including proposed redactions to the filings.

The judge also also ordered Mr. Smith’s team to submit “a brief notice indicating any final changes or revisions to his proposed seal/redaction requests as to the above-mentioned filings.”

The orders were issued in relation to a February motion to relief that was submitted by President Trump’s team that had alleged prosecutors unlawfully obtained evidence in the case along with other alleged prosecutorial misconduct.

“The names of potential witnesses or clearly identifying information, ancillary names,” and other information relating to ”grand jury materials” should be



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