Federal Judge Has BAD News for Hunter… – EVOL

There were numerous accusations made during a Wednesday hearing regarding the federal tax charges against Hunter Biden, however, U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi was particularly concerned about the lack of evidence linking the charges to the efforts of congressional Republicans to investigate the financial affairs of the Biden family.

During the Los Angeles hearing, Scarsi did not reach a decision but indicated that the defense arguments suggesting the Biden administration’s Justice Department was acting on behalf of former President Donald Trump were unconvincing, as reported by CNN.

Scarsi, who is currently reviewing nine motions from Hunter Biden’s legal team, stated that he would deliver a verdict by April 17, according to The Washington Post. One motion alleging “selective and vindictive” prosecution seemed to annoy the judge.

“One of the big hurdles that this motion has is that it’s not filed with any evidence,” Scarsi said.

“We are just looking at the facts and law,” the judge said. “All of the aspersions cast off one another just roll off.”

If Scarsi rules against Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son will be scheduled for trial in June. There is also the possibility of reaching a settlement with the prosecutors. However, the



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