Federal Court Upholds Major Ruling In Swing-State Mail-In Ballot Case – EVOL

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday declined to reconsider a previous decision upholding a requirement that voters write dates on mail-in ballots in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

A 3rd Circuit panel decided in late March that the state’s date requirement on mail-in ballots doesn’t violate the Civil Rights Act. The 3rd Circuit decided not to rehear the case en banc, maintaining that mail-in ballots must have the correct date on the outside envelopes in order to be counted.

“[I]n the above-entitled case having been submitted to the judges who participated in the decision of this Court and to all the other available circuit judges of the circuit in regular active service, and no judge who concurred in the decision having asked for rehearing, and a majority of the judges of the circuit in regular service not having voted for rehearing, the petitions for rehearing by the panel and the Court en banc, are denied,” the court wrote.

Democrat attorney Marc Elias, who ran the Russia collusion scam of 2016 and the 2020 effort to get rid of anti-fraud measures, said that this was one of the most importance cases of the year. Big loss for him and his people.



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