FBI underreported violent crime in 2023: report – EVOL

An independent group of law enforcement as well as analysts have reported that the FBI underreported violent crimes in the US in 2023.  

The “Assessing America’s Crime Crises: Trends, Causes, and Consequences,” report’s lead author is Mark Morgan, former assistant FBI director and acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection during the Trump administration as well as Sean Kennedy, an attorney for the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, per Fox News.  

The report reveals that the US has been on the verge of a public safety crisis and an increasingly dysfunctional criminal justice system. Crime has risen in the US and is worse than statisticians have claimed even though preliminary data from the FBI has shown crime decreasing in the last few years, according to the report.  

Researchers in the report wrote, “To say crime is down is like descending from a tall peak and standing on a high bluff, saying you are closer to the ground – a true but misleading statement.” 
According to a Gallup poll from March 2024, nearly 80 percent of Americans say they personally worry about crime and violence “a great deal” or a “fair amount.” This is on the same level of worry as issues such



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