Farmers Defeat WEF Globalists, Force EU to Scrap 'Net Zero' – EVOL

Protesting farmers in Europe have just dealt a crushing defeat to World Economic Forum globalists by forcing the European Union (EU) to scrap the WEF’s “Net Zero” agenda.

The farmers’ protests have managed to secure another significant victory against the globalist agenda following major wins last year in The Netherlands.

On Tuesday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the withdrawal of a contentious law that aimed to reduce the use of pesticides across the EU.

It marks the first defeat of the globalist Green Deal.

Von der Leyen, a former WEF leader, has also scrapped plans to require the agriculture sector to cut methane and nitrogen emissions by a third by 2040.

Brussels is also set to backtrack on plans to cut the use of pesticides in half during the same time frame, which farmers have argued puts them at a disadvantage to foreign agriculture imported into the bloc under free trade deals at cheaper costs due to their countries having less stringent environmental regulations as the EU, Breitbart reports.

Plans to encourage Europeans to eat less meat, a central theme of the Great Reset movement favored by elites, have also been abandoned.

Commenting on the move,



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