Far-Left Rioters STORM Easter Vigil – EVOL

Demonstrators chanting “Palestine must be free!” and calling for measures to address climate change disrupted an Easter Vigil on Saturday night at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Three climate demonstrators arrested this evening after interrupting Easter services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with a banner reading, “Silence = Death.”

As they were shoved out, one yelled out, “Free Palestine!” pic.twitter.com/WifGlqzWOm

— PRO_NYC (@protest_nyc) March 31, 2024

The lady leading the reading slightly elevated her voice to drown out the disruptive commotion, all while maintaining her calm demeanor.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral NYC
Pro Palestinians and Pro hamas protesters disrupt Easter services at the church. 3 protesters were arrested.
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— Viral News NYC (@ViralNewsNYC) March 31, 2024

The demonstration was eventually overshadowed by the singing in the cathedral, as the parishioners joined the choir in singing “Hallelujah.”

According to Fox News, “many attendees did not acknowledge the disruption.”

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have disrupted Christmas festivities worldwide, including Christmas tree lightings. Local Spectrum News NY 1 revealed that pro-Palestinian demonstrators also disrupted the Christmas mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Despite the ongoing conflict, Christians in Israel are observing



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