Fani Willis Tries to Block Subpoena Demanding She Testify – EVOL

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is desperately fighting to avoid testifying about allegations that she improperly benefited from her relationship with fellow anti-Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Willis is seeking to quash a subpoena over claims of financial benefits from the Georgia Democrat prosecutor’s relationship with Wade.

The move comes amidst denials of wrongdoing from both parties.

The controversy centers on Willis, who took legal steps on Wednesday to quash a subpoena that would require her to speak at a hearing.

This hearing aims to delve into accusations that she gained improperly by appointing her romantic partner, Wade, as a special prosecutor.

Michael Roman, a co-defendant of President Donald Trump, through his lawyer, has targeted Willis, Wade, and other members of the district attorney’s office with subpoenas.

Their goal is not only to dismiss the case but also to disqualify Willis from her position.

Willis has countered these actions with a legal argument.

She contends that there’s no valid reason to compel the testimony of herself or her office’s employees, framing it as an unwarranted intrusion.

According to Willis, Georgia law and precedents nationwide strongly discourage forcing legal counsel and their staff into the witness box without substantial justification.




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