Family of Disabled Veteran Killed by FBI Demands Answers

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Editor’s Commentary: There was a time not too long ago when I would naively dismiss stories like the one below as nothing much to see. Today, many of us find ourselves questioning every action from the Department of Justice in general and the FBI in particular. Instead of trusting that national law enforcement will only use force when absolutely justified, it seems more likely that they engaged in unnecessary or even criminal actions that led to the death of an unarmed man.

But this isn’t about who to believe between the FBI and the family. It’s about the lack of information being put forth by the FBI. If they believe they were justified in killing Teddy Deschler, they needed to come out with information backing that claim immediately following the incident. If they believe they were wrong and Deschler should not have been killed, they needed to declare an investigation into the incident within 24 hours. The fact that the raid is two weeks old and we have heard next to nothing is completely unacceptable. Here’s the latest news generated through information from the family since the



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