Fact Check: Did Joe Biden authorize $8 billion aid package to Israel?

President Joe Biden pledged support for Israel after Hamas carried out an attack in its southern region Saturday, pledging that Washington, D.C., will “make sure” they have what they need to help their citizens as they defend themselves.

Hamas fired thousands of rockets, while dozens of their fighters infiltrated the heavily fortified border by air, land and sea in areas near the Gaza Strip, marking an escalation in the decades-long Israel-Palestinian conflict. The attack quickly drew bipartisan rebuke from leaders in the Unite States, as Israel is seen as its closest Middle Eastern ally.

Biden delivered remarks at the White House condemning the attack, issuing a stark warning to Israel’s enemies.

“Israel has its right to defend itself and its people. Full stop. There’s never justification for terrorist attacks, and my administration’s support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering. Let me say this as clearly as I can. This is not a moment for any party hostile to Israel to exploit these attacks to seek advantage. The world is watching,” he said.

Meanwhile, several social media posts circulated on Saturday alleging that Biden authorized an $8 billion security package following the attacks.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks about Hamas’ attack on



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