FACT CHECK: Did A Witness Say That There Is ‘No Evidence’ to Support The Biden Impeachment Inquiry?

Following Thursday’s opening hearing in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, several media outlets and high-profile Democrats have attempted to spin a line from legal scholar Jonathan Turley to claim that the inquiry lacks any evidence. The line cited was lifted from a longer quote in which Turley made a completely different point.

Turley — a constitutional expert and professor at George Washington Law School — joined former Assistant Attorney General Eileen O’Connor and forensic accounting specialist Bruce Dubinsky as a witness for Thursday’s hearing, which was titled “The Basis For An Impeachment Inquiry of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.” According to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), the hearing was designed to examine the value of an impeachment inquiry and review evidence uncovered by House Republicans surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings with foreign nationals.

The hearing featured a number of contentious exchanges between Republicans and Democrats while a number of text messages, emails, and financial records pertaining to the Biden family’s business dealings were reviewed. Comer concluded the hearing by announcing that he would be seeking subpoenas targeting key members of the Biden family.

Instead of reviewing evidence laid out during Thursday’s proceedings, Democrats and corporate media



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