Facebook ‘Fact-Checker’ Caught Spreading False Information to Promote Green Energy: ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ – EVOL

One of Facebook’s so-called “fact-checkers” has been lying and spreading false information in order to shut down reports that undercut the green agenda narratives on energy.

The “fact checker” is RMIT ABC Fact Check – a collaboration between RMIT University and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

RMIT ABC Fact Check is one of Meta’s “independent third-party fact-checking” partners who have the power to block and remove content from Facebook and Instagram simply by claiming that it’s “false.”

However, these so-called “fact-checkers” rarely have to prove the information is false and simply remove content they disagree with.

It has created a situation where “fact-checkers” – who usually failed journalists who can’t get real work – act as partisan activists and use their powers to remove content that disputes their own beliefs.

RMIT ABC Fact Check is continuing to lose whatever credibility it had left after a series of previous scandals.

However, this latest case once again sheds light on the fact-checking industry’s censorship agenda.

The latest scandal saw businessman Dick Smith directly accusing RMIT of spreading misinformation and lies in order to promote its own agenda regarding green energy.

Smith exposed the group after it issued a “fact-check” of his remarks related



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