Facebook ‘Fact Checker’ Caught Running Political Censorship Operation to Manipulate Voters

Meta has suspended one of Facebook’s so-called “independent fact checkers” after the organization was caught censoring information to manipulate the vote in an upcoming referendum.

The “fact checker,” RMIT University’s RMIT FactLab, was exposed in a recent report from Sky News in Australia.

A “fact checker” is typically a failed left-wing journalist who has been given powers to police and censor other people on Facebook.

The power allows these so-called “fact checkers” to overrule scientists, academics, and other renowned professionals if their professional opinions don’t align with their own political beliefs.

This incredibly biased system has seen conservative views and opinions that question the official narrative purged from social media.

The issue is not new, however, and has been escalating for years.

The report from Sky News exposed efforts by RMIT to silence dissenting voices in the Australian media.

The allegations suggest that activist “fact-checkers” have been “hijacking” coverage tied to a contentious Australian referendum campaign, known as “the Voice.”

The investigation shines a light on the 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum, a proposal to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

This entity would aim to voice matters concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the



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