EXPOSED: Vivek Explains Why The Democrats Are Suddenly Letting Biden Debate Trump – EVOL

Joe Biden has been dodging a debate with Trump for a long time now…

Actually, as always I need to rephrase that: the people BEHIND Joe Biden have been dodging a debate with Trump for a long time now.

Joe is shot, Joe doesn’t know where he is at the moment.

But his handlers have been doing all they can to avoid a debate with Trump — until now.

Now it all suddenly flipped and not only do they want a debate, they now want TWO debates, and the want the first one to be earlier than any other Presidential Debate in recent history.


Vivek explains below, but my short paraphrase is because they basically want to throw him under the bus, but do it early enough that they can swap him out and swamp someone else in before the DNC National Convention.

I’ve been telling you this was the plan all long!

And now Vivek just confirmed it.

Watch here:

Here’s why the Democrats suddenly let Biden debate Trump: it’s a set-up. It’s their final Hail Mary for Biden. If that fails, they still have enough time to swap Biden out for a new nominee. That’s why



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