Explosive New Hunter Biden Emails Reveal What He Did to Help Take Down Ex-Ukrainian Prosecutor: Report

Hunter Biden enlisted former members of the Clinton administration in his effort to checkmate a corruption investigation into a Ukrainian energy company that gave Hunter Biden a well-paid seat on its board, according to a new report.

The end of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s investigation of Burisma Energy is well known. Then-Vice President Joe Biden said he told Ukrainian officials to boot Shokin or risk a loss of U.S. aid. Shokin was dismissed.

However, before that came to pass, Hunter Biden was working his U.S. contacts to head off the probe, according to the Daily Mail, which cited as its source emails from the laptop computer formerly owned by Hunter Biden.

As reported by the Mail, in 2014, Hunter Biden enlisted the help of his then-law firm, Boies, Schiller, & Flexner, to deal with Burisma’s well-founded fear of a corruption investigation from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office.

He suggested using an investigative agency — Nardello & Co. — to do some digging.

“It would be helpful to gain intelligence on who is leading the restructuring the individuals being considered for those posts,” he wrote.

“Agreed — that is part of what their human intel sources are seeking to learn,” replied



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