Explosions heard in Iran, Syria, Iraq – EVOL

An Israeli missile strike targeted a site in Iran early Friday morning, two Israeli defense officials confirmed to The New York Times. The report came shortly after local sources reported explosions in Isfahan in central Iran, in the As-Suwayda Governorate of southern Syria, and in the Baghdad area and Babil Governorate of Iraq early Friday morning.

The Times report also cited three Iranian officials saying the strike hit a military air base near Isfahan in central Iran. A US official then told CNN that the Iranian target was not nuclear. Videos from Isfahan appeared to show Iranian air defenses activated in the skies over the area.

A senior US official also confirmed this on Friday morning the attack, stating that “We were not surprised, while also telling Walla that Israel informed the US in advance of the strike.

The Iranian semi-official Fars News Agency reported that an explosion was heard in Qahjavarestan, east of Isfahan and near the Isfahan International Airport. Fars stressed that the cause of the explosion was unknown as of yet.

Fars and other Iranian news agencies reported that air defenses were seemingly activated near Isfahan in response to small drones.

Iranian air defenses were also activated in Tabriz in northwestern



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