Expert Warns of Secret Plan to ‘Ration’ Meat to ‘Fight Climate Change’ – EVOL

A leading American green agenda expert has raised the alarm about secret government plans to eliminate meat from the food supply in order to supposedly stop the so-called “climate crisis.”

According to Marc Morano, Democrat President Joe Biden is planning to drive the price of meat up and then ration it.

Morano warns that the goal is to make real meat a luxury that can only be enjoyed by wealthy elites.

Meanwhile, the general public will be fed with lab-grown “meats” and insect-based “foods” instead.

However, these plans are not just limited to meat products.

Morano warns that Biden and his globalist allies are planning to use “global warming” fears and “Net Zero” targets to ration the entire food supply.

“A historian who described the totalitarian regimes as using bureaucracy to enforce “magical beliefs,” Morano told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity during an interview.

“And that’s what we’re witnessing in America today with the climate agenda.”

“The idea is to make meat more expensive, to ration it, to make food more expensive, to ration it.”

Morano explains that the war on farmers is a key part of this agenda.

“They’re coming after nitrogen-based fertilizer — high-yield agriculture,” he notes.




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