Every Person Who Received mRNA Vaccines Will Develop Cancer, Top Study Confirms – EVOL

A bombshell new study has confirmed that all mRNA injections, including cancer vaccines, cause cancer to develop and accelerate the spread of the disease.

The researchers concluded that once a person receives an injection, it’s only a matter of time before a rapidly developing cancer emerges.

Last week, The Guardian reported that there was “excitement among patients and researchers” in the UK as “personalized mRNA vaccines” for cancer entered their phase 3 trial.

On Monday, In Your Area published an article about a personalized mRNA skin cancer vaccine that may also be effective against lung, bladder, and kidney cancer.

However, patients may be less excited about these “groundbreaking” injections when they read a peer-reviewed paper published last week.

On 23 April, a scientific paper was published in the world-renowned journal Authorea that reviewed oncogenesis and autoimmunity caused by mRNA injections.

It found that repeated mRNA injections reduce immune surveillance for cancer while at the same time inducing autoimmunity.

Oncogenesis or carcinogenesis is the process through which healthy cells become transformed into cancer cells.

Autoimmunity is an immune response resulting from a failure of our immune system to recognize our own cells and tissues as “self.”

The paper extensively reviewed the role of regulatory



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