EU Moves to Jail Members of the Public Who 'Might' Commit Crimes – EVOL

The unelected leader of the European Union (EU) Ursula Von der Leyen has called for the public to be “vaccinated” against wrongthink by being punished before they are able to commit a “crime.”

Von der Leyen made the pitch while arguing that thoughts and beliefs must be eliminated if bureaucratic authorities do not approve them.

Speaking at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit earlier this month, Von der Leyen suggested the audience think of wrongthink as a virus and then said it’s better to vaccinate than treat the infection.

Explaining the plan, Von der Leyen argues that members of the public should be punished before they are able to commit a crime, not after.

As such, those who “might” commit a crime would face jail time.

At the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, von der Leyen pontificated that “research has shown that pre-bunking is more successful than de-bunking.

“Pre-bunking is the opposite of de-bunking.

“In short, prevention is preferable to cure.”

Pre-bunking is an approach based on the psychological theory of “inoculation,” which suggests that exposing people to weakened doses of misinformation can help them develop “mental antibodies” against false news.

An example of how pre-bunking might be applied is the use of tools such as



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