EU Leader: Farming Must Be Eliminated to Make Food Supply 'More Sustainable' - EVOL

The unelected leader of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, has declared that farming must be eliminated to “save the  planet” from the “climate crisis.”

According to von der Leyen, the agriculture industry no longer aligns with the goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN).

Therefore, traditional food producers must be shut down and replaced by “more sustainable” globalist-controlled replacements.

According to the WEF and UN, meat and dairy products will need to be replaced with Bill Gates lab-grown meats and global elite-friendly insect-based foods.

Von der Leyen warned farmers in a recent speech that it is now time for them to “sink or swim.”

According to the EU chief, farmers who refuse to comply with “Net Zero” targets of the WEF will be forced out of business.

During an official address, von der Leyen said:

“I know that [farmers] are worried about the future of agriculture, and about their future as farmers, but they also know that agriculture needs to move to a more sustainable model of production so that their farms remain profitable in the years to come.”

Following the speech, globalists have been scrambling to censor videos of von der



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