Eric Holder Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, Says The Media Will Work To Boost Biden's Poll Numbers - EVOL

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed concerns over Biden’s poor poll numbers during an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday evening. Despite the fact that Biden is consistently polling behind Trump in swing states, Holder is confident that his poll numbers will rise with assistance from the mainstream media.

Maher pointed to the president’s declining approval rating among historically reliable Democrat voting blocs. “The fact that the Democrats by every poll I read, I would just say, losing their base. I mean, if you look at non-white working class voters, there has been a 61-point shift. That’s an incredible amount from 2012. That’s in 12 years. Obama in 2012, when you were the Attorney General, I think won it by 67 points, that demographic. Biden won it by 48,” Maher said.

“Well, I think first off, you’re measuring March against November. We’re looking at what where people are right now. I think you’ll probably see a movement with regard to working-class people of all races towards Biden by the time you get to November,” Holder said.

The former attorney general added that Barrack Obama was “an extremely an unbelievably popular African American running for the first



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