Epstein’s Brother Goes Public with Autopsy Photos to Prove Death Wasn’t Suicide – EVOL

Mark Epstein has gone public with his brother Jeffrey’s autopsy photos in an effort to prove that his death was not a suicide, as officially claimed.

He released photographs from Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy Friday to former Fox News star-turned-independent podcaster Megyn Kelly.

The deceased pedophile’s brother explained why he believes Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide.

He produced previously unseen images from the autopsy to support his assertion in an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

One autopsy image shows a large, red mark around the middle of Epstein’s neck.

Another photo shows the deceased Democrat megadonor’s legs.

Mark Epstein says the leg images are “clear” evidence indicating that his brother’s blood pooled.

“The fact that his legs are clear even if they laid him down, the blood would not have drained up from his legs into his back unless he was hung upside down,” Mark Epstein said.

“The fact that his legs and buttocks are clear from lividity, it leads doubt to the fact he was found the way they described.”


[embedded content]

Mark examined the red line on the neck of his dead brother’s body.

He notes that the mark looks more like a “ligature strangulation”



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