End of Day 1 Deliberation: 'Dissmiss the Case' – EVOL

It’s the end of Day 1 of deliberations.

How much longer do you think they’ll try to drag this out?

On Wednesday, outside the Manhattan courtroom, the former president had some choice words about Judge Juan Merchan.

According to Trump, the judge can “save his reputation” by dismissing the NY v. Trump case.

“The confusion is nobody knows what the crime is because there’s no crime..The judge ought to end it and save his reputation.”

What is the crime?

Whatever it is, the Democrats are positive Trump committed it. They just know he’s guilty.

But as for the majority of the population, we’re all here scratching our heads.

Luckily, normies are doing the same. It’s having the effect of waking them up.

Trump urges Judge Merchan to ‘save his reputation’ by dismissing trialhttps://t.co/4ZhKIbwku9
The DA did a bad job on charging a pass sitting president because he’s right even we don’t know or understand what the charges were. God knows there’s been worse presidents

[email protected] (@tamlee74728) May 29, 2024

Fox News reports:

Judge Juan Merchan can “save his reputation” if he dismisses the NY v. Trump case, former President Donald Trump said Wednesday in remarks outside the Manhattan



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