Elon Musk Warns Bill Gates Is Developing AI to Control ‘Every Facet’ of Human Life

X owner Elon Musk is raising the alarm about Bill Gates’ disturbing plans for artificial intelligence (AI).

According to Musk, Gates and his company Microsoft are developing a sophisticated AI that will control “every facet” of human life.

A new Microsoft AI chip called “Maia” is set to be the cornerstone of the company’s budding AI infrastructure.

Maia, we are told, will use artificial generalized intelligence (AGI) to take control of all aspects of society on a global level..

AGI differs from the isolated AI applications many people now know about in that it supposedly represents actual “intelligence” minus human inputs, i.e., ChatGPT.

Experts are likening the technology to Skynet – the computer system that controls the machines in the Terminator movies.

“ChatGPT and MidJourney AI are cool, novel applications, but they only function within a specific domain – an AGI is more like the science fiction computers we have seen in the Terminator franchise,” explains Wlt Report.

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates’ ties to Microsoft are a cause for concern for many, including Musk.

Musk is warning that Microsoft’s Maia AI platform will be used to strip more freedom from the people and hand over control to Gates and his allies.




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