Elon Musk Reveals Extent Of Old Twitter Regime’s Censorship

I really love what Elon Musk has done with the X social media platform after purchasing Twitter and rebranding it to X.

As a writer and a political commentator, I was suspended or outright censored on the old Twitter virtually every single day for the crime of speaking common sense.

You know, things like ‘these shots don’t work, you’re still going to get Covid’, and ‘you can’t have male genitals and be a female.’

The old regime at Twitter vehemently denied that they were engaging in any sort of censorship efforts or colluding with the Biden administration to censor Americans.

Now Elon Musk has come out to reveal that not only was the old Twitter regime censoring the voices of conservative Americans, they were doing it ten times more than they were leftist voices.

Kanekoa The Great provided this statement from Musk:

“Our goal with X is to be a level playing field, a public square that supports the middle 80% of the country…Social media has been very left-leaning to far left-leaning, and Twitter was far-left leaning.

The suspensions of Republican candidates, interests, or voices were at least ten times the suppression rate of left-wing voices on the old Twitter.



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