Elon Musk: ‘CNN Is Dying’ – EVOL

Billionaire X boss Elon Musk has declared that “CNN is dying.”

Musk dropped the hammer on the failing corporate media network after he canceled X’s partnership with CNN’s former star anchor Don Lemon.

Musk declared “CNN is dying” this week during a social media spat with Lemon.

The comments from Musk are fueling questions about whether the network’s years-long struggle to attract viewers means it’s on life support.

Musk isn’t wrong about CNN’s dwindling audience, however.

Additionally, if CNN is dying, then so are its stars, including Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer, and all the rest.

In fact, their days really could be numbered.

It is no secret that CNN is really struggling these days.

According to Fox News, 2023, was CNN’s “lowest-rated year of all time.”

The outlet reports:

“In 2023, CNN had its lowest-rated year of all time, going back more than three decades, across multiple categories.

“CNN averaged only 582,000 primetime viewers to finish No. 12 among cable networks, with a smaller audience than networks such as TLC, Hallmark, and HGTV.”

CNN is under new management, but things do not really seem to be improving.

Now, State of the Union reports that new CNN CEO



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