East Palestine residents protest Biden’s visit, say he’s not welcome: ‘Too little, too late’ – EVOL

On Friday, President Biden failed to receive a warm welcome when he went to visit East Palestine, Ohio to address the toxic train derailment for the first time since the tragedy occurred more than one year ago.

Residents of East Palestine, who were out protesting in the streets, made it clear that Biden’s visit was “a little too late.”

Chants of “Let’s go, Brandon!,” boomed down the packed sidewalks that were lined with pro-Trump and American flags.

“This is Trump country here,” said a resident named Mike, speaking to reporter Ben Bergquam of Real Americas Voice.

“This is nothing but a political stunt,” Mike said of Biden’s visit.

“Our slogan is “too little, too late, Mr. Biden,'” he said. “You don’t see any support in this town for Mr. Biden.”

Biden has been heavily criticized over the past year for not visiting East Palestine, while former President Donald J. Trump immediately visited the site of the tragedy that occurred on Feb. 3, 2023. Trump’s efforts garnered him an endorsement from Trent R. Conaway, the Mayor of East Palestine.

A Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials derailed in East Palestine, releasing toxic chemicals into the surrounding area which created a detrimental crisis for residents in the area. In an effort



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