Dr. Phil Nearly Bursts Out Laughing As Trump RIPS Into Dems – EVOL

Dr. Phil found it challenging to maintain a neutral expression as potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized Democratic California Representative Adam Schiff during an interview broadcasted on Thursday on the “Merit Street” network.

During the interview, Trump discussed Schiff’s strong advocacy for what he referred to as “the Russia hoax,” recounting how the California congressman involved his son, Donald Trump Jr., in the matter by insinuating in front of the media that his son could potentially face imprisonment.

“The whole system is rigged. I mean, it’s just a nasty system. Uh, the saddest is — I’ll give you one quick example. I have a son, Don, he’s a good kid. And he wants to help people. And they said he was involved with Russia. He knows less about Russia than that young person sitting right over there, who I’m sure knows nothing about Russia,” Trump said.

“Adam Schiff comes out and says, ‘Donald Trump Jr. will go to jail because of what he’s done with Russia.’ And it was Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton and some others in the DNC that, they made up — think of how bad you have to be,” Trump continued. “You make



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