Dr. Phil Destroys Guest's Argument for DEI Policies in Seconds: 'That Was Called Marxism' (VIDEO) – EVOL

A recent guest on the Dr. Phil show was there to argue in favor of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies and things did not go well for her.

Dr. Phil pointed out that what she is arguing for is equality of outcomes, which just doesn’t work. He correctly pointed out to her that what she is talking about is essentially Marxism.

Dr. Phil nailed this. Equality of outcomes is communism and it has failed everywhere it has been tried throughout history.

Transcript via the Vigilant FOX:

HR LEADER: “How do we help level the playing field for everyone?”

DR. PHIL: “Okay, so that means you’re trying to create equality of outcome?”

HR LEADER: “Mm-hmm.”

DR. PHIL: “That’s what I hear you [Pastor James Ward Jr.] saying about playing God. How do you create equality of outcome when people aren’t the same? You’re right. Some people are shorter. Some people are taller looking over that fence. They can’t both play in the NBA. You can’t create equality of outcome. What gives a DEI program the right to come in and try and alter the nature of things to create equality of outcome? That’s been tried. That didn’t work. That



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