Donald Trump’s Attorneys Claim Judge Just Agreed that Statute of Limitations Have Run on 80% of Transaction in New York Case

Today was the first day of the civil case against Donald Trump in regard to alleged fraud in New York. Donald Trump recently spoke and seems to have some bad news for Letitia James and the Democrats.

“…That last five minutes was outstanding because the judge has actually conceded that the statute of limitations… …is in effect. Therefore, about 80% of the case is over. I was going to come out and say that as you know we’re not entitled to a jury which is pretty unusual in the United States of America so we think it’s very unfair that I don’t have a jury. But the judge’s last statement was very fair. If I read it right I’ll have perhaps one of the lawyers speak to it. But maybe I’ll speak it… …the statute of limitation is a very real thing in this country that about 80% of this case would be over.”

Trump attorney: “based on the judge’s comments at the end of the trial, it appears he is agreeing that all transactions closed prior to 2014 are now out of the case”…


BREAKING: Donald Trump’s lawyers say that the Judge has agreed that the



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