Donald Trump Provides Significant Update on His Case: ‘US District Attorneys Being Controlled by the Biden Administration’

During a Thursday recess in the trial led by the New York Attorney General, President Trump engaged in discussions with attorneys. The focus of the conversation was the persistent and organized legal attacks against him by the radical Marxist left.

President Trump accused the Biden White House of manipulating the district attorneys and instigating political witch hunts against him – the leading candidate in the 2024 election.

This is what President Trump said:

Top people right under the Attorney General put him into the district attorney’s office. Also, put a man into the state Attorney General’s office, Letitia James’s office. It happened to be the same man.

This is coming right from the White House. This is a disgraceful situation. The country’s never seen anything like it. But this expert witness, highly respected by everybody with a resume that few people have ever seen before, said there was no fraud. There was no accounting fraud. There was nothing.

And this is what we’re doing here while people are being murdered right outside all the sidewalks and streets of New York, while people are experiencing horrible violent crime at levels that nobody’s ever seen in



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