Donald Trump Just DESTROYED A Heckler During Big Rally – EVOL

At a recent campaign event in Waukesha, Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump encountered a heckler who disrupted his speech. The incident occurred while he was discussing the importance of restoring law and order on college campuses amidst anti-Israel protests. The exact reason for the heckler’s outburst remains unclear, as it is uncertain whether they were angered by Trump’s comment about the arrest of demonstrators or if they simply held a negative view of the former president. Nonetheless, Trump’s response to the heckler ignited the crowd, resulting in enthusiastic chants of “USA!”

As the heckler began to yell, he was drowned out with chants of “USA! USA!” as Trump joined in as well. “Where did he come from?” the former president asked. After he thanked his supporters, he then addressed the heckler: “Go home to mom, right? Go home to your mom.”

“Say hello to mother,” Trump said. “Oh, she’s gonna be angry. Because she’s watching right now on television. She’s watching on television. She’s saying, ‘That’s my son.’”


Trump tells heckler at Wisconsin rally: “Go home to your mom!” 🤣

— USA Features Media (@UsaFeatures) May 3, 2024



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