Donald Trump Goes on Offense as he Skyrockets in Polls, Blames Biden for All Indictments, Claims Nikki Haley is Still Running Despite Losing for Nefarious Reasons – EVOL

Donald Trump is going on the offense despite much of the mainstream world seemingly being against him. Liberal courts are trying to sue the former president into oblivion and put him in jail for, apparently, trying to run for president.

To top it all off, Trump is performing better against Biden in the polls than he did last time, and even than he did against Hillary Clinton when he won in 2016. The man is possibly the toughest politician to run in the history of the nation, however, and recently posted to Truth Social:

“These bogus Indictments are done by one man, my Political Opponent (Crooked Joe Biden), who is telling everyone to Indict Trump, take him off the campaign trail, and let him spend his money on legal fees rather than ads saying that Biden is the WORST and MOST CORRUPT President in the history of the United States. That is their campaign strategy – Illegal as Hell – But WE WILL WIN!!!”

Former and possible future President Trump also commented on the state of the GOP primary race after all candidates but Nikki Haley have dropped out like flies when he spoke to Fox News’ Laura



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