Donald Trump Explains Why He Won’t Be Doing Any Republican Debates

Former President Donald Trump announced on Sunday he won’t attend the upcoming Republican primary debates, pointing to his substantial lead in opinion polls as an indication of his popularity among voters for the 2024 election.

“New CBS POLL, just out, has me leading the field by ‘legendary’ numbers,” he said. “TRUMP 62%, 46 Points above DeSanctimonious (who is crashing like an ailing bird!), Ramaswamy 7%, Pence 5%, Scott 3%, Haley 2%, Sloppy Chris Christie 2%, “Aida” Hutchinson 1%. The public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had, with Energy Independence, Strong Borders & Military, Biggest EVER Tax & Regulation Cuts, No Inflation, Strongest Economy in History, & much more. I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!”

A recent CBS poll indicated Trump as the top choice for 62% of Republican voters. His nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, garnered 16%, while other candidates secured less than 10%.

The Margin of Error in the CBS/YouGov poll of 2,061 adult residents in the U.S. was +/- 5.7 points. Another Republican primaries poll released Sunday by InsiderAdvantage had the field breakdown as Trump 51, DeSantis 10, Ramaswamy 6, Pence 3, Haley 5, Scott 3, Christie 4, Hutchinson 2, Burgum



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