Donald Trump And Tucker Carlson To Team Up And Sabotage Fox News’ Big Night: Report

Former President Donald Trump and ex-Fox News star Tucker Carlson are teaming up to sabotage Fox News big night according to the New York Times and CNN.

The media outlets are reporting that Trump plans to skip the first Republican debate, hosted by Fox News, on Wednesday in Milwaukee for an interview with ex-Fox host Tucker Carlson. The Times called the plan to sabotage Fox News an “act of open hostility.”

According to The New York Times: “The timing of the interview with Mr. Carlson remains unclear, but if it goes ahead as currently planned, the debate-night counterprogramming would serve as an act of open hostility.

“The chairwoman of the R.N.C., Ronna McDaniel, has privately urged Mr. Trump to attend the debate, even traveling to his private club in Bedminster, N.J., last month to make her pitch in person.

“And Fox News has been drawn into a public battle not only with Mr. Trump but with Mr. Carlson, who is still on contract and being paid by Fox despite having his show taken off the air. 

“Fox sent Mr. Carlson a cease-and-desist letter after he aired a series of videos on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The Trump



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