Donald Trump: 2nd Biden Term Would Be the Death Knell for the 2nd Amendment - EVOL

Trump told a raucous NRA crowd that Joe Biden has devastated the economy, kicked crime into high gear and diminished the country’s standing.

HARRISBURG, Pa.—The former president and current frontrunner for the GOP nomination for the 2024 presidential race vowed before hundreds of NRA members to support them in their fight for the Second Amendment.

President Trump was the keynote speaker at the Presidential Forum in the 2024 NRA’s Great American Outdoors Show on Feb. 9.

“Your second amendment will always be safe with me as your president,” President Trump told the raucous crowd in the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

To the crowd’s cheers, President Trump said he would make the Second Amendment a true American right by demanding Congress pass a national reciprocity law so that Americans could legally carry a gun regardless of where they happen to be.

“It has to cross state lines,” President Trump said.

Then he turned his guns on President Joe Biden.

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He told the crowd that the Biden administration is committed to gun control. He promised to reinstate policies from his administration that Democrats had done away with.

He reminded the crowd that he removed the United States from international gun control agreements, labeled gun makers



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