DOJ Admits Altering Biden’s Classified Documents Interview Transcript – EVOL

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has admitted to altering the transcript of Democrat President Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

The news comes as the DOJ is also fighting against the release of the audio recording of their conversation.

In a court filing submitted by Biden’s DOJ, the changes are described as “minor.”

However, without the audio recording, it is impossible to judge how significant the changes were.

It was after the interviews that Hur determined that he could pursue a conviction because Biden was mentally unfit to stand trial.

The decision has stoked widespread controversy.

Many have noted that somebody who isn’t fit to stand trial should not be serving as president.

A coalition of conservative organizations and media outlets, including Judicial Watch, the Heritage Foundation, and CNN, have fought to release the audio recording.

The DOJ has resisted, however.

The department is citing vague concerns with artificial intelligence “deepfakes,” among other pretexts.

In a statement, Mike Howell, the executive director of Heritage Foundation’s oversight project, said:

“They don’t want to release this audio at all.

“They are doing the kitchen sink approach and they are absolutely freaked out they don’t have any good legal argument



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