Doctors Raise Alarm as 'Contagious Dementia' Surges in Covid-Vaxxed – EVOL

Doctors have begun sounding the alarm after discovering that people who received Covid mRNA injections are suffering from a new form of “contagious dementia.”

For some time, several studies have been linking soaring numbers of dementia cases to the mRNA shots.

However, dementia is now spreading like a virus from the vaccinated, causing those who haven’t received Covid shots to develop the condition.

One of the more serious side effects associated with mRNA COVID-19 jabs is dementia, and the prions that are responsible for causing people to develop the condition could be contagious.

The problem stems from the fact that COVID-19 shots cause frameshifting that can spur the production of prions.

Short for proteinaceous infectious particles, they are responsible for causing neurodegenerative diseases in humans and animals alike, including Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.

These infectious agents are capable of folding in several different ways, and at least one of these permutations can be transmitted to other prion proteins, creating a disease that is similar in some ways to viral infections.

Diseases stemming from prions are notoriously difficult to treat because they can survive the type of extreme conditions that normally destroy pathogens or nucleic acids.

The potential for these shots to cause



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