Disney 'Stops' Being Woke and 'Changes Their Ways' By Promoting New LGBT Transgender Show on Disney+ – EVOL

Some people thought Disney had learned their lesson and were going to course correct this year after CEO Bob Iger stated that they’ll be more focused on entertainment and not agendas.

They were sorely mistaken.

Though the once beloved entertainment giant hinted at a return to its roots, it wasn’t long before that was proven false.

They’ve shown that they’re married to the core woke ideologies of DEI and LGBT and have no plans on getting a divorced.

The latest evidence?

The Disney+ teaming up with the British Broadcasting Corporation to stream yet another season of the the anti-White race-swapped Dr. Who.

The newest season has a flaming transgender that looks like he’s on his way to a drag queen story hour for the main villian.

And I didn’t even mention the two new Disney Star Wars projects: The Acolyte and Tales of the Jedi. Both include a transgender character.

Indeed, Dr Who has been reinvented to indoctrinate children with Trans ideology and queer theory…https://t.co/UM6UETjpqt pic.twitter.com/HODWYR2weq

— Jonny Bell (@Jonnywsbell) May 11, 2024

Disney Plus continues to lose money hand over fist, and the executives there and at



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