Disney CEO’s Secret Plot to Sell Company to Tech Giant Exposed by Insiders

In the sort of sordid plot twist that entertainment companies typically love capitalizing on, it appears there’s more drama under the roof of the House of Mouse than originally thought.

A new and lengthy CNBC report is suggesting that a disastrous transfer of power at Disney is at the heart of many of its woes — and that a blockbuster purchase could be lurking in the shadows.

CNBC spoke to “more than two dozen people who worked closely with [current Disney CEO Bob] Iger and [former Disney CEO Bob] Chapek between 2020 and 2022” for this piece, and it paints a fascinating picture of the inner machinations of the venerable studio.

(For the unaware, Chapek replaced Iger in February of 2020, only for Iger to return and assume his old mantle in November of 2022.)

Disney, which is going through as beleaguered a period as it ever has in its storied history, appeared unable to commit to a path when it came to succeeding Iger.

“Chapek confided to a friend that his tenure at Disney was ‘about three years of hell,’ defined by one overriding theme: his unrelenting fear that Iger wanted his job back,” CNBC’s Alex Sherman wrote.




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