Diddy's Private Jet Tracked to Caribbean Island Amid Raids in U.S. – EVOL

Diddy‘s homes were raided in the U.S. to kick off the week — but the guy’s own private jet is miles away in a completely different nation … although it’s unclear if he’s aboard himself.

TMZ has tracked Diddy’s personal LoveAir LLC jet — the well-known black Gulfstream 5 that Diddy has flaunted and flown for years now — and it looks like the aircraft is currently on the ground in Antigua … which is down in the Caribbean.

Based on the flight activity, viewed by TMZ, Diddy’s jet has been up and down California between Sunday and Monday — taking off from Sacramento Executive Airport Sunday evening around 5:30 PM PT and landing at Palm Springs Int’l Airport about an hour later.

An hour after that, around 7:30 PM PT, Diddy’s jet took off from Palm Springs yet again and landed at Van Nuys Airport, which is in the L.A. area, about 30 minutes later around 8:00 PM PT. Around 9 AM PT Monday, the jet took off from Van Nuys airport and landed at



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