Did Wyoming’s Rock Star Deer ‘The King’ Survive Winter? Nobody Knows

He’s a mule deer buck the likes of which Wyoming has hardly seen in decades, but nobody knows where “The King” goes during the summer and autumn months.

It’s not even known for sure whether he survived this past brutal winter, which might have killed half of the Wyoming Range mule deer herd, including upward of 90% of the deer in his age class.

“The bad thing is, we probably won’t know until early December if he died. I think if he doesn’t show up in December, he’s probably gone,” Blake Fegler of Shoshoni told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday.

Fegler took some of the last known video of The King in December on winter range in western Sublette County.

“I saw some pictures of him from mid-January, and he looked pretty rough,” said Fegler, who runs 307 Pursuit, a Wyoming guide service that specializes in hunts for gravely ill or disabled youth, as well as disabled veterans.

The ‘399’ Of Deer

The King started getting attention about three years ago, Fegler said. Hunters and wildlife watchers started sharing photos and videos of him on various social media platforms.

The buck was noteworthy not only because of his exceptional antler size, but because of a unique “drop



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