Did data from Georgia voting machine breach play role in alleged Michigan election plot?

A drive containing data from voting equipment in Georgia was shipped to an investigator probing the 2020 election who seized five ballot tabulators in Michigan for a pro-Trump lawyer, according to court testimony and documents reviewed by the Free Press.

The court records raise questions about how data from a voting system breach in Georgia cited in the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump and his allies may have assisted experiments carried out on Michigan voting machines as part of an alleged criminal conspiracy. Separate criminal cases alleging voting equipment-related offenses in the two 2020 battleground states may reveal new connections between efforts to scrutinize the machines Americans rely on to count their votes.

Michigan lawyer Stefanie Lambert was “at the center” of an alleged scheme to illegally obtain Michigan voting machines, according to special prosecutor DJ Hilson who convened the grand jury that charged her and others. Lambert has pleaded not guilty.

Stefanie Lambert, an attorney aligned with former President Donald Trump faces criminal charges in Michigan for allegedly coordinating a plan to illegally access voting equipment in the state.

She coordinated with others — including an individual named Michael Lynch from Royal Oak — to carry out an investigation of the



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