Devastating footage shows aftermath of tornadoes in Nebraska and Iowa – EVOL


Hundreds of homes were flattened, ripped from their foundations, or had their roofs torn off when tornadoes barreled through two states.

The first twister hit Elkhorn, Nebraska, on the outskirts of Omaha, about 4 pm on Friday where it wrecked at least six homes – all of them newly built – and damaged dozens more.

‘The whole neighborhood just to the north of us is pretty flattened,’ Kim Woods, whose house was mostly spared, said. 

Terrifying footage showed an enormous tornado touching down with enormous storm clouds swirling while a siren hauntingly blares in the background.

On the horizon, the full scale of the tornado can be appreciated with the giant clouds slowly turning as the storm barrels across the region.

Another tornado began elsewhere in Omaha about 5 pm and flung planes at Eppley Airfield around like toys and ripped them to shreds.

The passenger terminal wasn’t hit by the tornado but people rushed to storm shelters until the twister passed.

A storm chaser filmed one of the tornadoes crossing highway near Omaha, churning up debris from both the road and adjacent farmland

The driver came across an overturned big rig that had been flipped by the



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