Dems PANIC After Biden Goes Off-Script – EVOL

During a panel discussion with CNN anchors John Berman and John Avalon, Democratic strategist Paul Begala, a CNN contributor, expressed his strong disapproval of President Joe Biden’s press conference following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on his handling of classified documents. Begala firmly believes that the press conference was a complete disaster. It is worth noting that this discussion took place on Friday, coinciding with the announcement of John Avalon’s departure from the network.

“Well, how much democratic bedwetting do you think there will be? I bring up the term (inaudible),” Berman said.

“It’s a political term of art, John,” Avalon said.

“It is used in democratic being de-politics, is what people say about Democrats. I’m not say anything offensive to Paul’s,” Berman said.

“Delicate sense,” Avalon said.

“Delicate ears. So, how much of that will there be? And if you are the White House, how do you assuage said bedwetting?” Berman said before Begala chimed in.

“Oh yes. Look, I’m a Biden supporter. I slept like a baby last night. I woke up every two hours crying and wet the bed. This is terrible for Democrats, and anybody with a functioning brain knows that. But



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